The prices for translations vary a lot in the market (as does their quality). Insofar a translator or interpreter does work for a court, tribunal or administrative body in Germany, the JVEG is applicable (Law on the Remuneration and Compensation in Judicial or Administrative Proceedings). But this law can also serve as a general guidance for work for individuals and companies.

Article 11 JVEG (latest version is of Dec. 21st, 2020) stipulates that the fee for a translation is 1.80 € for every 55 keystrokes commenced of the written text (basic fee) if that text is provided in an editable electronic format. If that is not the case, the fee rises to 1.95 € for every 55 keystrokes commenced (raised fee). Is the individual translation is more difficult than the usual translation, e. g. because of the frequent use of specific terminology, the difficult readability of the text or for the request of an urgent delivery of the translation, the basic fee is 1.95 € and the raised fee 2.10 €.

The number of keystrokes are counted in the target language. If counting the keystrokes would imply a disproportionate effort, the number of keystrokes can be calculated on the basis of the average number of keystrokes per line and the total number of lines. The minimum fee is 20 € for one translation or each translation if several are ordered in the same request.

The following calculations are used in practice, besides the one offered in the JVEG:

  1. Cost per word
  2. Flat fee (all-inclusive)

Sometimes the number of words or lines are counted in the original text.

A flat fee is often agreed upon in case of a translation of documents or books. The translator of a book might ask for a share in profits if lots of copies are probably sold.

If a translator has to investigate in particular, a special fee is agreed upon.

Urgent deliveries or express translations would have a surcharge, longer texts may be delivered with a discount.

As you see, each request is unique and the pricing has to reflect this.

If you like to have a translation that is professional und true to the original text (and not a mere approximation, as online-translations are) than I recommend to contact me.

Request a free quotation that is non-binding for you.

To calculate the fee, please send me the text that you like to have translated (to calculate its length and difficulty). I treat all texts sent to me as absolutely confidential and will sign a non-disclosure agreement if you wish.

In most cases I receive the texts as an email-attachment. Please indicate the date you like me to have your translation done.

I will send you a quotation as soon as possible. A lot of my customers prefer a guaranteed fixed price so they know the final fee already at the time they are submitting the order.

Interpreters bill by the hour or day. Travel time counts as time worked, expenses are reimbursed, if no other agreement is made. Time necessary to prepare for a meeting is billable as well.

If you have documents or drafts that will be spoken about in a meeting, I strongly recommend to send them to me beforehand so I can familiarise me with the content of your planned meeting.