The quality of a translation is of utmost importance, especially with legal texts. If a translation is imprecise, the consequences might be serious and costly. My advice: please do not try to save money by ordering a “cheap” translation. Some internet pages offer automatic and “free” translation services. But you “pay” with your data or the data of your company (that might be confidential). And who would be responsible if the translation would be incorrect?

In Germany everybody can call herself or himself a “translator” or “interpreter”, contrary to public perception (We are in Germany, aren't we?) it does not require any formal education or exam. As a consequence, the capabilities of translators and interpreters may vary a lot between them.

What should you look for?

A Graduate Translator and Interpreter, as I am of the University of Heidelberg/Germany (Diplom-Übersetzer und Dolmetscher), has studied for 4 years minimum, has written a thesis and passed the diploma exam. The title “Diplom-Übersetzer” is therefore protected by law and guarantees for high quality work.

Having received two German law degrees (1. und 2. Staatsexamen) and practicing as a Rechtsanwalt (German solicitor) requires working carefully with texts. Quite often a solicitor has to “translate” German “legalese” and bureaucratic language into plain German for his clients.

There are only very few translators I know of who translate legal texts and have university degrees in the two relevant fields (law and linguistics).

That does not mean that you need two (university) degrees to do good (legal) translations but I find it helpful.

I only offer translation and interpretation services concerning general texts and specialist texts in the fields of Law, Economics, Social Sciences, Politics and History where I have profound knowledge, amplified by my work practice in Australia and Spain.

You haven't found your area of interest or language combination?

I will do my best to recommend a qualified colleague to you or collaborate with one if you wish.

I can assure you that your translation is in good hands with me and you will have direct access to your translator, i.e. me. Big translation agencies that offer translations in “all languages” and “all industries/sectors” subcontract translation work and no such direct communication is possible or easy.

Sometimes I find inconsistencies (or even errors), ambiguous or unclear wording in the original texts and am able to inform my clients about it who always are very grateful.